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Active or proactive? Both!

Being active and proactive are often interrelated. An active individual can efficiently complete tasks within a timely manner. A proactive individual takes this a step further by initiating tasks too, not just completing them. The combination of being active and proactive in the workplace can greatly benefit the organization, allowing it to achieve its goals in an efficient manner. The good news is, exhibiting active behavior often facilitates a more proactive approach.

I recall the early stages of my professional journey when my team leader encouraged and recognized individuals who displayed a sense of ownership over their work and proactively offered novel ideas to streamline processes. This approach increased team productivity and sustained a positive team dynamic at the workplace, making the environment both enjoyable and invigorating.

Even today, I make a conscious effort to embody an active and proactive attitude, taking initiative in exploring new opportunities and offering fresh perspectives to my colleagues. To maintain my high levels of energy, I adopt active modes of transportation such as walking or cycling to work. Additionally, I actively seek feedback and engage in continuous skill development within the workplace.

Through my experience, I have discovered that being active and proactive in the workplace can have a positive impact on productivity, increase confidence, foster trust among teams and enhance approachability. Organizations to adopt these behaviors will certainly see a difference in the workplace environment and professional development of their employees.

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