Talent orchestration as a process seems trouble-free superficially, but it is the most turbulent. Right from screening candidates to hiring and onboarding, the process walks you through various steps, each with its complications and practices to counter them. United IT Solutions has a rigorous vetting procedure that helps companies find the right resources that fit their requirements exactly and not a millimeter apart. We go through a systematic and proactive process for talent transformation.

United IT Solutions - Versatile & Analytical Recruitment Process

We pick out the best cherries from the pie using our sophisticated screening methods. With years of experience under our belt, we ascertain each candidate with our tailor-made screening and interview process to turn up with the best resources.
We have a team of talent specialists globally who pay close attention, analyze every minute details from in-depth to technical and face-to-face interviews (and other rounds, if any) to find the best member that aligns with your technical other requirements.

We have a variable set of parameters to find a perfect match. It includes upskilling, reskilling, developing specialties, and finding talent on demand from an enormous pool of recruits with varied engineering, technical and skills backgrounds alike.

Our AI systems offer leveraging analytics to help make informed decisions across the whole recruitment process.

1. Screening

The in-depth procedure of sorting and grading resumes from a global talent pool to find those that match technical and other requirements.

2. Phone Interviews

A preliminary round of the interview process where candidates are called over the phone or video call to ascertain the candidate’s background, behavior, motivation, strengths, shortcomings and explain the job profile and work culture at your company.

3. Technical Interview

A one-on-one or group technical interview ascertains a candidate’s technical knowledge, expertise, strengths and weaknesses. At this stage, the candidate’s potential as an employee is analyzed and based on that, selected candidates are allowed for Round 3.

4. Face-to-Face Interview

An important stage of the interview process, a face-to-face interview closely aids interviews knit together pieces of preliminary and technical discussions, ascertaining soft and communications skills and using various behavioral questions to find a match for the vacant job profile.

5. Selection

Finally, recruiters and the account manager can give selected candidates a green signal for hiring and onboarding using dedicated methodologies. It is a crucial step as decisions based on this stage go a long way through the candidate’s tenure at any organization. We take fact-driven, data-driven, behavioral, technical and other cues to zero in on any candidates.