Application Development

United IT delivers application services designed to meet your specific business objectives. Our application services help control costs, extend internal capabilities, and ensure your applications scale with your business.

Content Management

With the upsurge of content in a variety of forms -- from Web and electronic documents to image and media files -- enterprises need effective Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) to sustain access to relevant information across the business.

Business Intelligence

Organizations accumulate and store massive amounts of data that is critical for operating the business. If this data is linked together into comprehensive reports, it offers invaluable business insight.

Enterprise Resource Planning

For most organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of their business. UNITED IT helps clients cost-effectively deploy, manage, and maintain their ERP systems to maximize the value of their platform investment.

Testing Services

UNITED IT Testing Services helps companies with its comprehensive set of testing solutions to deliver high quality application.We provide end-to-end testing services to ensure that customer applications perform to their defined specifications.

Staff Augmentation

UNITED IT is a leading provider of strategic, cost-effective staffing solutions to clients. United IT has an experienced team that assist clients identify and recruit the right resource(s) for specific IT requirements.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing promises speed, agility and scalability which will drive innovation and lower costs. An experienced cloud consulting partner like UNITED IT makes sure the cloud solutions you choose truly reflect the needs of your business the first time.

We partner with you to understand your objectives and long-term vision, taking a structured approach to evaluate and derive the most value from cloud options. We use our technology and domain expertise to reduce project timelines and deployment risks.

We offer the following tailored cloud services:

  • Cloud advisory services establish the foundation for your cloud initiative by studying your current environment in detail and identifying the most suitable applications for migration.
  • Cloud application services guide you through designing, deploying and testing your cloud environment once you identify opportunities for cloud migration.
  • Software as a Service enablement services reduce the risks inherent in unfamiliar areas of development and speed time to market with a range of consulting services
  • Cloud maintenance and operation services define, automate and manage the complexities of your cloud-based environment to keep your applications performing smoothly.
  • Cloud infrastructure and platform services build out and integrate physical and cloud systems and manage, monitor, test and supply customer support.
  • Reduce costs and free support staff with automated management

    So you’re in the cloud. Now what? United IT services simplify the operational complexities of your hybrid cloud environment and keep your application always available and operating at top performance.

  • Track and optimize provisioned resources and usage
  • Manage all changes to the software defined environment
  • Monitor and balance application and infrastructure workloads
  • Control security and system access
  • Integrate build, development and release processes
  • Optimize application availability and performance
  • Manage backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Infrastructure Solutions

    IT needs help making the right purchasing decisions for both immediate needs and long-term goals. They also need solutions that adapt to their specific infrastructure and business needs, provide scalability, and include specialized skills sets and knowledge. UNITED IT is your trusted partner to help you efficiently and cost effectively plan, build, secure, manage, and optimize your IT infrastructure. Our solutions and services have been tested and refined through hundreds of successful engagements with large, mid and small businesses:

    Infrastructure Solutions -Turn-key solutions to manage key components of your infrastructure such as Mail and Messaging. These comprehensive solutions include everything from guidance on purchasing best-of-breed technology to best practices and proven methodologies for solution design, implementation and management Infrastructure.


    • Operating System Administration Service
    • Network Administration Services
    • Web Server Administration Services

    Benefits :

    • Reduced operational risks based on proven technology, standardized methodologies, and field-tested best practices.
    • Greater efficiencies with formalized methodologies backed by knowledge and experience gained from extensive engagements.
    • Enterprise-class experience and expertise with a direct link to industry-leading vendors as well as the proper expertise and skill sets required for successful deployment

    Mobility Innovations

    Your employees expect their work style to be as mobile and seamless as their lifestyle. Your visitors expect a personal onsite experience that's tailored to what they want. You expect to gain a competitive advantage through the Internet of Everything, with mobility and mobile applications at its core.

    With such high expectations, you need a technology partner that can deliver all of that and more. One who never stops innovating, so you're always getting the best mobility solutions. For everyone, on every device, everywhere.

    Whether you're a large or midsized company or a service provider, we can help you design and implement the mobility strategy and solutions that make your organization more efficient, collaborative, and responsive. That not only improve your current revenue, but open up new streams. And give you measurable results

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Mobilize your employees with the applications and services they need. On any device they use. From wherever they are. With the highest levels of security and user experience. Also, engage your customers with personalized onsite experiences. And serve them better by predicting their preferences and helping them make more informed decisions.

    Service Provider Mobility Solutions

    Transform your business. Virtualize and automate your network functions, giving you and your customers more options and control. Our open, standards-based architecture seamlessly orchestrates and manages physical and virtual resources as one improving network efficiency. The result is the web-speed agility you need to profitably capture new revenue from M2M, the Internet of Everything, sponsored data, and premium mobile broadband.

    Mobility Services

    Services from United IT help you develop a mobility strategy in line with your goals. Implement IT safely and efficiently. Build on your existing network or migrate services to the cloud for more flexibility and scalability. Benefit from our security and industry expertise to meet regulatory compliance. Plus, our technical support team is available 24 hours daily to help keep your operations running smoothly.


    Communication is the activity of conveying meaningful information . Communication requires a sender, a message, and an intended recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender’s intent to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the sender.

    Human communication: Human spoken and picture languages can be described as a system of symbols and the grammars( rules ) by which the symbols are manipulated.

    Visual communication: Visual communication is the conveyance of ideas and information through creation of visual representations. Primarily associated with two dimensional images, it includes: signs , typography , drawing , graphic design , illustration , colors, and electronic resources, video and TV. Recent research in the field has focused on web design and graphically oriented usability. Graphic designers use methods of visual communication in their professional practice.

    Written communication: During the 1st stage written communication first emerged through the use of pictographs. The pictograms were made in stone, hence written communication was not yet mobile. During the 2nd stage writing began to appear on paper, papyrus, clay, wax, etc. Common alphabets were introduced and allowed for the uniformity of language across large distances. The 3rd stage is characterized by the transfer of information through controlled waves and electronic signals.

    Nonhuman communication: Every information exchange between living organisms – i.e. transmission of signals that involve a living sender and receiver can be considered a form of communication; and even primitive creatures such as corals are competent to communicate. Nonhuman communication also include cell signaling , cellular communication , and chemical transmissions between primitive organisms like bacteria and within the plant and fungal kingdoms.


    The travel sector is witnessing rapid growth with the advancement of United IT from various players through online content. Though the services are generating keen interest among customers, they are not fully resolving the needs, who seek more information about the places and other properties in its vicinity.

    With the price of petroleum products on its highest ever in history, many airlines, rail companies, shipping firms and other transportation industry players are now trying to outsource certain parts of their business to lower cost and simplify their finances. The deals that are offered and the mode of safe transportation are having an impact on increasing the revenues. The pricing pressures are also swinging the fortunes of several players in the industry with wide fluctuations in holiday season.


    The customers seeking product innovation or in marketing will be ensured with quality support from the teams that offer customized solutions. These will be designed with innovation of the business model, and upgrade of technology. The focus will be on creating procedures that enable completion of tasks simpler and easy to operate. The enterprise-wide solutions are more focused in improving supply-chain network by identifying the bottlenecks and providing solutions with the help of suitable technology.

    In specific industries, manufacturing in particular, their finance & accounting, sales and marketing processes require a certain characteristic that would allow them to make sound judgments and they turn to third parties to lessen the pressure on participating key personnel.


    • Highly reliable IT and Network infrastructure with multiple redundancies.
    • Maximize savings through better turn around and reduce defect rates.
    • Shortening product development cycle and reducing time to market
    • Complying with regulatory changes and Improving clinical outcomes
    • Modernization of legacy systems and Increased focus on the customer
    • Increasing operational efficiency and Integrated care management
    • Handling data from different sources, which leads to data explosion


    UNITED IT delivers Custom Application Development solutions within the context of your business objectives and strategies. With such fast changing world of technology and business requirements it is important for companies to identify areas for automation and newer requirements for customized solutions. Customized applications help organizations to address the functional gaps and achieve their business goals effectively. Our range of Application Development outsourcing services include:

  • Application Development
  • Offshore product development
  • Customized application development
  • New application development
  • UNITED IT is a leading IT vendor with proven capabilities in Application Development. With our on-shore and off-shore delivery model, we have delivered significant cost benefits to our global customers and helped them save substantially on their Software development and Application Support expenditure. Our on-shore and off-shore model can help you achieve:

  • Reduction of IT expenditure up to 40 - 60%
  • Re-allocate and use existing staff to critical projects
  • Eliminate the risk of critical staff
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Enhance stability, flexibility and security of systems
  • Benefit from 24/7 support
  • Increase user satisfaction

    With the upsurge of content in a variety of forms -- from Web and electronic documents to image and media files -- enterprises need effective Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) to sustain access to relevant information across the business.

    United IT methodology for Content Management System deployment helps you successfully implement a technology platform that:

  • Satisfies business requirements across the enterprise
  • Meets corporate technology standards to ensure support and up-time
  • "Future-proofs" the application so that investments made today can be leveraged and extended into the future
  • Automates the appropriate workflows to provide the necessary editorial control
  • Removes content publication ‘choke points’ such as the webmaster bottleneck
  • Separates content from presentation, allowing content to be easily leveraged for reuse in a multitude of applications
  • Defines a metadata taxonomy for correct re-usage of information
  • UNITED IT Enterprise Content Management Services

    The overwhelming glut of business information glut has created business challenges across industries. UNITED IT expertise in Content Management provides time-saving solutions for both your employees and customers. Our services include:

  • ECM architecture and workflow strategy design consulting
  • Packaged WCMS/CMS/DMS implementation services
  • Migration, integration and maintenance services
  • Managed data services
  • Business Intelligence

    Organizations accumulate and store massive amounts of data that is critical for operating the business. If this data is linked together into comprehensive reports, it offers invaluable business insight. When decision makers have access to linked, integrated information at the moment they need it, they can respond to change quickly and make decisions that drive business performance and optimization.

    Unfortunately, many companies collect and store their data in multiple, disparate sources. Data is not always easily accessible and storing reports in different systems means there is no enterprise view of the data. Any comprehensive analysis is often assembled by hand in a spreadsheet. In addition, companies in this situation are usually maintaining multiple copies of data, leading to confusion about which data is accurate and official.

    Turning your critical data into meaningful information often involves business and technical complexities that are labor- and time-intensive. Implementing a data warehouse for business intelligence requires careful planning and development.

    UNITED IT's Business Intelligence (BI) Practice has strong focus in providing services in implementing end to end BI solutions with varied technologies in ETL, Reporting and Analytics. Our team has rich experience in wide range of technology skills such as Informatica, IBM Data Stage, SAP Business Objects/ BOBJ, Cognos and SAS.

    Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Service Offerings:

  • Analyze and rationalize the entire spectrum of the data delivery environment and capture all facets of the current state data architecture
  • Elaborate future-state Enterprise BI/DW Architecture and create an end state vision of your entire Business Intelligence environment
  • Develop a roadmap that provides an incremental approach to attaining the desired future-state
  • Business Intelligence / Data warehousing Application Development
  • Data modeling, Design and implementation of
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Operational Data Stores
  • Data Marts
  • Design and Development of
  • Customer Data Integration Solution
  • Data Cleansing and Data Migration
  • ETL
  • Design and Development / customization of
  • Customized Reporting for Enterprise
  • Multi-dimensional Cubes for Analysis
  • Design and implementation of
  • Management Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Business Intelligence / Data warehousing Application Support and Maintenance
  • Managed Services
  • 24 X 7 Production Support
  • Monitoring and Enhancements
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    For most organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of their business. UNITED IT helps clients cost-effectively deploy, manage, and maintain their ERP systems to maximize the value of their platform investment.

    UNITED IT works with its clients in both full outsourced or in-sourced staffing models UNITED IT has particularly deep expertise in ERP deployment and sustenance for each of the major ERP platforms including SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle.

    Our teams have designed implementation strategies, deployed and customized the platforms, and managed long-term platform maintenance for companies around the world.

    ERP Services :

  • Functional consulting
  • Implementation
  • Upgrade and consolidation
  • Extension and integration
  • Porting and migration
  • Post implementation support
  • Business process analysis
  • Functional application extensions (ESS, CRM, BI, HR)
  • In addition, UNITED IT offers the following ERP support activities :

  • ERP Customer Service Team for ongoing customer support
  • ERP Localization Team for localization and customization
  • Training
  • Delivery of complementary products
  • Configure and customize ERP systems for your business
  • Standardize business processes
  • Integrate new packaged applications with your legacy & custom software systems
  • Solutions architecture definition, product selection, implementation and integration.
  • At UNITED IT we understand the complexities and challenges of maintaining 24/7 access to relevant business information for stakeholders. The volume of electronic content and communications that is growing beyond imaginations is making all organizations increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Enterprise content management is as challenging as it can get in this changing scenario. Organizations are opting for IT solutions to make business content traceable, secure and auditable.

    Portals & Content Management Services

    We offer wide range of portal solutions like Web Information Portals, e-Commerce Portals, and Enterprise Knowledge/Information Portals. We have significant experience in:

  • Large Scale Transaction Systems
  • Large Databases
  • High Availability Requirements
  • Our unique expertise in business analysis, architecture and delivery allow us to conceptualize, design and support you throughout the portal project lifecycle. Our framework helps you at every step right from planning till implementation. This includes:
  • Strategy planning
  • Architecture
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • QA / Testing Services

    In today's demanding business scenario it is important and expected to deliver high quality systems in less time and fewer resources. It is getting difficult to manage an in-house testing team and often testing is the function that is less focused on despite being the main criteria behind any successful application development.
    UNITED IT Testing Services helps companies with its comprehensive set of testing solutions to deliver high quality application within agreed timeframe. Our testing methodologies and solutions are an integrated part of software development lifecycle. It not only helps large organizations to cut cost associated with development and testing activities but also helps achieve predictable and improved quality levels. We provide end-to-end testing services to ensure that customer applications perform to their defined specifications.
    Our suite of testing services includes:

  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing

    - Functional testing ensures that the application meets the functional requirements and performs as expected by the business. The focus is mainly on clear definitions of business criticality, identification of end-to-end functionality, and identification of internal interfaces. Independent functional testing includes:

    Functional Testing

    - We check for the correct functionality of the application and ensure what it is exactly supposed to do.

    Regression Testing

    - It is imperative to ensure that all application modifications behave as intended and ensure that bugs are identified at the development stage itself.

    Component Testing

    - It is quite crucial to check if subsystem components are complying with specifications.

    Risk-Based Testing

    - Critical business functions are checked and ensured that they perform as per specification and business needs.

    Test Automation

    - Automated testing not only speeds up the testing process but offer faster test cycles. We are committed to cut cost by identifying right testing tools for the right processes. Are efforts are focused towards doing the right analysis and determine the best testing solution that will produce greatest results. Even though we have very well defined manual testing process but automated testing makes its mark in regression testing and this helps us to achieve strict deadlines and deliver quality software that meets stringent quality requirements.

    Performance Testing

    - Thorough requirement analysis is always the key to success for any application development initiative. We always begin our performance-testing projects keeping in mind the total requirement specification. We work on the detailed plan to optimize performance and fine tune the application's performance environment.

    We create detailed workload models and create authentic scenarios for volume tests, stress tests, as well as load, spike, and endurance tests. Aspects like the application's load and usage, application's limits, maximum concurrent users are areas which we cover extensively to understand the performance tuning requirements and develop the plan to anticipate bottlenecks, identify gaps in non-function requirements and the possible future needs of the application.

    Staff Augmentation

    As a part of UNITED's commitment to providing turn-key solution to client's needs, we provide high quality software professionals, who are well versed in various technologies such as JAVA/J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Legacy Mainframe/AS400, Business Intelligence, ERP and CRM applications.
    UNITED is a leading provider of strategic, cost-effective staffing solutions to clients. UNITED has an experienced team that assist clients identify and recruit the right resource(s) for specific IT requirements.
    Staffing solution options include traditional temporary help, project staffing, professional-level staff, strategic partnerships and regular, full-time employees. We offer a wide range of flexible staffing solutions for companies of all sizes, from the smallest business to national corporations. From entry-level to senior-level professionals, we offer qualified personnel in a full range of skills for your general staffing needs which include

  • System Architects with a wealth of functional knowledge in various domains
  • Technical Architects who are experienced in various technologies
  • Business Analysts
  • Database specialists
  • Data warehousing Consultants who are experienced in various ETL and Reporting tools
  • ERP Consultants experienced in wide range of ERP Tools.
  • Programmers in all programming areas and at all levels
  • Help Desk specialists
  • Network specialists
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance analysts
  • Systems analysts/designers
  • Technical Writers
  • Computer operators
  • Desktop publishers
  • UNITED offers significant advantages to its clients


    -We present the most competent and technically superior candidates. We give individual care and attention to details mentioned by the Hiring Managers. We take every care to ensure that the recommended candidates will deliver on the job-site. At UNITED IT, Quality is an uncompromising standard. We have got repeat business from our clients because of our consistency in Quality for the resources that we present.

    Executive Synopsis:

    - Each candidate is presented with an Executive Summary in the accompanying email. We thoroughly screen and technically check the candidates. The Executive Summary consists of the key achievements & technical strengths of the candidate that are relevant to the client position. We also list all the major clients that the candidate has previously worked, more importantly in the similar industry or profession as the client position. This enables you to get an in-depth idea of the candidate without spending precious time and energy in going through the entire resume. It also gives you a comfort factor to know that our Recruiters have gone through the details of the candidate profile to match with your position.

    In-depth Screening:

    Our Recruiters understand the technologies of our clients. If the job requirement is in a particular industry, we try wherever possible to present candidates who have similar industry experience in their career progression. Just a few things we do to ensure that we recommend the best candidate for any of your positions

    Strong Work Ethics:

    - The first lesson we learn at UNITED IT is to build a strong set of value based ethical work principles. We maintain the highest level of Integrity & Honesty. We have got repeat business from our clients simply because they respect us for our Work Ethics.

    Evolving Database:

    - We continuously spend our resources in building and maintaining a continuously growing database of local talent in varied skill sets. This enables us to present our clients with local candidates for all the requirements that they have.

    Power of "2"

    - Our policy is to recommend only 2 candidates per requirement, unless specified otherwise by our clients. We understand the priorities of our clients and the value of their time. We do not believe in flooding our clients with unscreened resumes, instead we grill the resumes, and present only the best. The difference with UNITED IT is to ensure that you get the most suitable candidates in the shortest possible time.