About Company

Our Basic Beliefs are an expression of the values and principles that guide our Company's behavior and direction. These basic beliefs are deeply rooted in the philosophy of the Company's Management. Because of our quality oriented services and products, best pricing and sound policies, we continue to grow at an unimaginable pace Today, we continue to grow by adhering to our Basic Beliefs of quality, people, ethics and growth. These principles have served as pillars for strong foundation, and will serve as the guideposts for all our future strategy, plans, and achievements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a strong partner for many clients across the world with constant focus towards quality and maintain high standards by continually evolving with the latest tools and technologies.

Our Mission

To attain our Vision by providing cost effective & Sustainable -World Class Solutions by World Class Professional, with honesty, fairness and courtesy towards our stake holders

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We Work For You

United IT Solutions is more than just a technical consulting firm, we believe in end-to-end solutions for all of our clients. "Our job isn't finished until you are 100% satisfied!"

Customer Support

We as Technology firm concentrate on our core business technology. Leverage our expertise, skills and the infrastructure to manage your resources to help you reach your goals.

Our Strategies

Succession planning is not just a tool for "what if" disaster management, or for dealing with failure to perform a necessary transition, it is a tool for creating timely opportunity with the advantage of innovation and change.


Our Founder

Our founder infuses United IT with his passion for excellence and entrepreneurship and he focuses on helping United IT evolve as a lead player in the marketplace, and strives to enrich the technology and business practices with diversity of thought and strategy.

Our President

Our president is the Technical Head of United’s ODC and has over 12 years of leadership and rich executive experience in software development and consulting. He has a proven track record of building teams that deliver innovative solutions to market.


Our CEO has more than a decade of experience in IT industry in the US, including monitoring, delivering and implementation of Software Projects.He also focuses on strategic planning, business development and operations.

Our Director

Our Director is a strong, personable and analytical consultant, specializing in program and project management across a number of sectors including Government, Media , Healthcare and Telecom Sectors.